Security Policy

Secure premises monitored by our security company at all times. Shop windows and doors protected with grilles for added protection.
Secure Paper Shredding and Recycling:
Copy Magic has a contract with Suez for secure paper disposal. All paper containing sensitive information must be discarded in the secured blue bin provided by Suez. All sensitive information on paper can be disposed as per instructed requirements of the customer.
Digital Data:
Access to data whether current or archived is provided only to authorised individuals who, in the course of performing their responsibilities and functions. All data on the network is protected by Avira AntiVir Professional software, it is automatically updated. The software we use has been effective in handling malicious software such as viruses, spyware, or Trojans. All customer digital media devices and digital files are scanned before use. Remote access to our internal network by staff and customers is prohibited All customer digital media is scanned for threats. Any viral infection that is not immediately dealt with by staff is notified to our IT security consultant. All user data is backed up to a hard drive on a daily basis. Backups are securely stored. A second backup of the backup is securely stored off site, in case of catastrophic system loss.
Website Security:
The service provider has enabled a firewall and a intruder monitoring system. The website is actively maintained, reviewed and updated.