Binding Selection

With a choice of either plastic, wire, spiral binding, and the addition of a front clear cover & card back.

Your printed documents will have that professional finish.

Wire Binding

Suitable for up to 250 pages. From 6.9mm to 32mm binding.

Plastic Binding

Suitable for up to 450 pages. From 6mm up to 50mm.

Spiral Binding

Uses a continuous plastic loop. From 10mm up to 38mm.

PUR Books

Wrap around Gloss or Matt thick cover with inside sheets glued to spine. PUR Binding is selected for longer lasting and more durable softcover books, including cookbooks, self-published books, children’s books, coffee table books. In fact, any publication handled frequently and that you anticipate will stand the test of time.



Hardcase Books

Hardcase Binding is the top choice for books expected to have a long life or experience constant usage. Your books will be proudly displayed on coffee tables and bookshelves for years to come.  Hardcover books have a much higher quality appearance than PUR Perfect Bound books. Using the same process as the PUR Books but with the Hardcase wrapped Cover.