File Specifications

Care should be taken when setting up your files prior to sending to Copy Magic. Our preferred format is high quality pdf’s with crop marks and bleed.

Please keep the following points in mind.

All content should be in CMYK colours and chosen from a Pantone colour chart or similar if possible. Unless the print job is a specific PMS colour. Using a colour picker onscreen may cause incorrect colours to be reproduced. Please also note that different monitors and different printers will producing varying results.

All images should be at an appropriate resolution and scale for the output device. For best results your images should be at least 300dpi.   Quality images will produce quality printed materials. If you required better images there are websites that have stock photos which can be purchased.

All fonts should be embedded as standard or converted to curves whenever possible. You may need to attached the fonts or email them separately particular if you are using special fonts and or having problems converting them.

Bleed and Trim
A minimum of 2mm – 3mm bleed should be allowed in all artwork and it is also recommended to place crops marks on the artwork. This is helpful for the imposition or page layout as we use dedicated software that recognises these crop marks.

If you have any questions please contact or email Copy Magic.